Childfree UK

Childfree UK

My life my way

I am Elena

I am a Russian woman whose destiny was to breed and serve some man. I really didn’t want to but was forced by my society. So I ran as far away as I could.

Women’s Freedom

Any woman’s freedom is my freedom, too. When I see a woman anywhere in the world being robbed of her freedom and the right to her body, I get mad. Because one day it can be me. I encourage every woman I can reach to stand up for herself and live her life the way it is right for her.

Are You a Childfree Woman?

Get in touch with me, I will be thrilled. You can also join my Happy Without Children group on Telegram, read more about it here.

What I Did

To get onto a sailboat and disappear was the only way I could live my life unmolested by my society. I come from Russia. In my country, pregnancy, child-raring and serving a man, for life, is a woman’s only destiny. You are a freak for even conceiving the alternative. This is why I was completely alone, until I met Meg…

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Why People Realy Breed

I never believed women genuinely want to have children. I believe what they want is to fit in. To be acknowledged and praised by society...
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Not Child-free. Just Free!

They would call me voluntarily childless or child-free. Which implies that my and everyone else's default condition is procreation, i.e. having children. I disagree with...
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The Ever-lasting Argument That Childfree Are Selfish

It isn't an argument, it is more of an accusation. Selfish? Since when making your own life choices has become somebody else's business? Why wasn't...
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Happy Without Children Group

Other than Meg, I don’t know a single woman who isn’t clinging to that image of the devout mother-hen. Even those who, by some miracle, didn’t end up being mothers, still hide behind “It just didn’t work out” routine. I never met anybody who would simply state that she never wanted children and is happy to not have them. To find women like me, I created a group on Telegram, called Happy Without Children. Is it about you? Join in! It will be a hoot to get to know you.